Andrew Lloyd Webber's Phantom Of The Opera

Discussion in 'TV Show Forum' started by Family Guy, Dec 11, 2004.

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    Saw this last night. Not bad, but not as good as i expected - though Mrs Guy says it's her favourite film of all time...let me explain.

    I have a real bee in my bonnet (not that I actually wear a bonnet... :blush: ) with Joel Schumacher. I WILL NEVER forgive him for Batman & Robin - just typing those words makes me want to strangle him!!! I went into this movie having seen the show live on stage at Her Majesty's Theatre in the west end only last year, and the smell of the greasepaint is still fresh in my nostrils. For me, the live show was a real emotional experience. we sat so close, I could see beads of sweat on the Phantom's forehead...I really felt for him...and people in the theatre were sobbing out loud at the end.

    The movie, as I expected, was a different experience. No real people on a real chance of fluffing their lines, singing out of tune etc...

    The movie obviously follows the stage show exactly - though it does expand on the story somewhat. I'll not spoil it here, but it ties up any loose ends the live show may have left.

    The Phantom is played by Gerard Butler, last seen opposite Jolie in Tomb Raider: The Cradle Of Life (no Michael Crawford comeback then...) and the role of Christine is played by Emmy Rossum, last seen as Dennis Quad's son's girlfriend in The Day After Tomorrow. Jennifer Ellison also crops up as Christine's best friend...
    The acting is very camp...and I mean that in a nice as possible sort of way. Emmy Rossum is delightful as the love interest Christine. Her singing voice is something else - AND she can act. I predicet big big things for this young lady, though maybe not on screen...
    Gerard Butler as the Phantom is very good. Having seen it on stage (maybe it's not fair to keep comparing it to the stage show...), I first felt his singing voice was not quite strong enough to pull of the role. However, having listened to the original cast soundtrack this morning, he is better than Frank Spenc er Michael Crawford. On listening to Crawford, his singing voice always seems to have a touch of the "ooohhh Betty" about it...but not as good as the guy I saw on stage last year.

    The film is big, loud and very brave. My personal opinion is that those of us that have been lucky enough to have seen it live on stage will be slightly dissapointed...go to see it by all means, but with an open mind.

    And is it good enough to forgive Schumacher for B&R...NOT ON YOUR LIFE MATE!!!. When, and only when Schumacher remakes Godfather part II better than the original, will I forgive him for that pile of :censored:

    So, The Phantom Of The Opera gets 4/5 from Family Guy, but Mrs Guy gives it a big fat 5....
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    Saw this on saturday and thought it was very well made. I bit too much singing and not enough talking for my liking. The sound was absolutly awesome, when the music kicks in, it just takes your breath away. I took my girlfriend and my Ma as a Christmas treat and they loved it too.

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