Andersen A2 charges EV but not Hybrid


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I recently had an Andersen A2 charger installed for a Jaguar iPace I was using. Charged faultlessly for a week. I then borrowed a 4 year old BMW 530e PHEV which the A2 would not charge. Andersen swapped the A2 for a new one but there was no difference. One of their expert technicians investigated but couldn't find any obvious problem. Initially, there was some concern about the earthing at the house (even though the resistance value was fine), suggesting a change from TT to PME might improve things (some intermittent voltage was being measured on the earth cable in the A2 apparently and disconnecting the earth for test purposes seemed to resolve some unexpected relay latching).

After some inspection of the installation wiring in the fusebox, he tried charging his own PHEV car and it worked. Then tried it in the BMW 530e and it still worked. However, as it was unclear why it would now work, we both assumed the problem wasn't solved. Shortly after, a friend came with his BMW 330e and the A2 refused to charge it. Plugged it back into the 530e and it now would not charge it either.

Occasionally during the day that the technician was investigating the charger, the 'relay' in it would occasionally latch on / off a few times without reason. This seemed to be just after the cable was disconnected from the car, but anyway, not something it should do.

I did explain to the technician that there is a radio transmitter maybe 500m from the road and that this has caused interference to various electrical items in the houses. In my house, I had to use RF filters on an AVR's speaker outputs to stop the speakers playing one of the transmitted radio stations even when the AVR was on standby. Also, the CCTV camera wires had to be upgraded to heavy duty insulation type to prevent picture interference. Another strange thing is that capacitive touch screens (mobile phones) won't work properly while the devices are plugged into the mains.

After this explanation, the technician focused on that and believes that this is the cause of the problem and to call the environmental heth department.

Bottom line is, I have an expensive charger that won't work on a Plug-in Hybrid (I haven't tried it on a battery vehicle again yet).

Any thoughts on the above appreciated (i.e. although the earth was being blamed at first, after I mentioned the local radio transmitter, that was then being blamed).



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