And this guy calls himself a Christian


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Aw, Pat Robertsons been giving out that sort of stuff for years. ;) What's more worrying is that people in the US actually believe what he says is right. :rolleyes:


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"War is an extension of politics, but by other means".

"If history has taught us anything..."
Michael Corleone.

One life against thousands and thousands and thousands of other's. - he has a point.

Not saying he should be preaching it though, or that I agree with him.

Of course the whole ' lets forget internationational law, the Treaty of Westphalia etc etc' puts all these other tactics into play.

This guy just showing how cheaply it can be done and without the huge loss of life of the Bush/Blair method.

Ed Selley

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Compared to the truly extraordinary lunacy that is Fred Phelps, that bloke is quite tame. Comes across as a throwback to the 70's/80's "Anything but the commies" Foreign Policy.

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