And the winner is . . . Alien vs. Predator: Requiem


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"Alien vs. Predator" outsold the nearest competitor by 600 units the week ending April 27, 2008. Of the 279,920 discs sold, 93 percent were Blu-ray. According to the Redhill Group, here are the top sellers:

Blu-ray Top Sellers (Week ending 4-27-08)
1) "Alien vs. Predator" (Fox, 8900 units) :p :rotfl:
2) "Juno" (Fox, 8300 units)
3) "I Am Legend" (Warner Bros., 7700 units)
4) "300" (Warner Bros., 7600 units)
5) "Blade Runner" (Warner Bros., 7100 units)
5) "Independence Day" (Fox, 7100 units)
7) "Troy: Director's Cut" (Warner Bros., 6400 units)
8) "The Orphanage" (New Line, 5700 units)
9) "Predator" (Fox, 5400 units)
10) "Pan's Labyrinth" (New Line, 4800 units)

HD DVD Top Sellers
1) "I Am Legend" (Warner Bros., 1200 units)
2) "Planet Earth" (BBC Video, 500 units)
3) "Transformers" (Paramount/Dreamworks, 400 units)
4) "American Gangster" (Universal, 300 units)
4) "Appleseed: Ex Machina" (Warner Bros., 300)
4) "Batman Begins" (Warner Bros., 300)
4) "Blade Runner" (Warner Bros., 300)
4) "Bourne Ultimatum" (Universal, 300)
4) "Top Gun" (Paramount, 300)

For the week ending April 20, the numbers were even larger:

Blu-ray Top Sellers (Week ending 4-20-08
1) "Alien vs. Predator: Requiem" (Fox, 35,100 units) :eek::rotfl::lesson:
2) "Juno" (Fox, 28,700 units)
3) "I Am Legend" (Warner Bros., 12,600 units)
4) "Predator" (Fox, 8100 units)
5) "Alien vs. Predator--2 Pack" (Fox, 7100 units)
6) "No Country for Old Men" (Disney/Miramax, 6000 units)
7) "Over America" (Topics Entertainment, 5300 units)
8) "Before the Devil Knows You're Dead" (Image Entertainment, 4500 units)
9) "300" (Warner Bros., 4200 units)
10) "Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story" (Sony, 3800 units)

HD DVD Top Sellers (Week ending 4-20-08)
1) "I Am Legend" (Warner Bros., 2200 units)
2) "Planet Earth: The Complete Series" (BBC Video, 600 units)
3) "Transformers" (Paramount/Dreamworks, 500 units)
4) "American Gangster" (Universal, 400 units)
4) "Appleseed: Ex Machina" (Warner Bros., 400 units)
4) "Batman Begins" (Warner Bros., 400 units)
4) "Blade Runner" (Warner Bros., 400 units)
4) "Lucky Number Slevin" (Weinstein, 400 units)
9) "The Bourne Ultimatum" (Universal, 300 units)
9) "Ultimate Matrix Collection" (Warner Bros., 300 units)

I have been telling many that AVP-R ain't a bad movie. The above figures proves my point.


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apparently AVR is great in HD

i may rent it

another one thats meants to be demo material (but a poor film) Condemned


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Hmmm, I think all the figures tell you is that some people will buy anything in a new format if the titles they really want aren't available. I've done it myself but nothing will tempt me to buy the steaming pile of crud that is AVP:Requiem.


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I'm one of the few who loved this movie. I watched the Region-A Unrated version. Not sure how different it is to the theatrical release but I thought it was very violent and gory and best of all fun..


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i enjoyed it as well,very easy watching not much of a story but lots of gore,action.....excellent picture and sound though:thumbsup:


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Loved the trailer and hated the movie, might get better on rewatching, AvP did:blush:


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Just watched it, not exactly Godfather Part 2 but then if you are gonna buy any movie with Alien V Predator in the title you shouldn't expect anything else. I thought the picture quality was very good and the sound was superb, even though I had to change the settings on my BD30 to output PCM instead of Bitstream in order to avoid the DTS bomb at 11:50 blowing up my speakers !!

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