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And the lights go down...and back up again!

Discussion in 'Home Cinema Buying & Building' started by Les E, Jan 13, 2005.

  1. Les E

    Les E
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    Oct 5, 2004
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    St. Helens
    I have been advised previously that if I want to have a dimmable light system (mixture of halogen spots and uplighters) in my home cinema set-up, it would best to buy 2 varilight remote dimmer switches.

    Mainly because I want the lighting to fade down on the start of a film and back up at the end, then it has been suggested that the remote macros would control this when turning the system on.

    However, I have a varilight remote dimmer in the living room and although I can control the up and down fading by keeping my finger on the remote and a short tap to switch on/off, I cannot see how this would work on a macro system?

    To get this kinda effect, would I better to puchase a Futronix dimmer to control the fade up/down or should I be looking at another type of dimmer system (but not too expensive!!)? ;)

    Or is it totally a remote issue?

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