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And still it goes on...

Discussion in 'TVs' started by Warren_nz, Apr 9, 2003.

  1. Warren_nz


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    Yup, here i am in a country with more sheep than people and all i wanted was a TV that looked as great as the company claimed.
    First picked up my pixel plus back in December of 2002, got it home and found 2 faults. One was a dirty color stain on the left of the screen, top and bottom. TV was taken away by technicians and returned 3 days later with a 80% improvement. Still had obvious color stains when vewing a white background:(

    2nd problem they said was something i had to put up with.. yup, dirty bloody black bars, one on the left and a larger one on the right of the screen. Bars were clearly there using DVD thru scart or rpg, and even watching thru normal TV. Continued arguing with Phillips over this by phone for weeks, till they contacted me and said they had a solution with a mod kit that was just released.

    Technicians came and picked up TV for 2nd time and 3 days later, it was returned, same problem as before.

    End result for me. I told Phillips to stuff there TV up there *****
    returned it to my retailer and now im sitting happy with a Sony 32". Best news is the $1500 less i had to pay for the Sony, i picked up a Samsung recordable dvd with 40 gb hdd:)

  2. bob mushroom

    bob mushroom
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    Jan 26, 2003
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    ahh but does it buzz?

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