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Apologies for yet another advice thread on the dreaded cables subject, but I'm very unsure about my speaker cable decision:

I've got a TAG AV32R and 100x5R - which are linked using TAG's own interconnects - a Tosh 900e DVD player - which will use Mark Grant's Digital Co-ax and component cables - I will shortly have an SVS 16-30 PC+ - connected using Mark Grant's sub cable - and M+K K series front and backs.

This is where I'm stuck: as Mark doesn't do speaker cables (I asked), I'm trying to work out what I'll do best with: I've considered Silver Anniversary for the whole lot (but some people have bad things to say about it), SA for the rears and "something better" for the fronts (like X-Tube 30 or something), and Cat 5, which is nice and cheap, but very timeconsuming - I also don't have anything like the co-ordination required or necessary tools, so that's not a preferred option.

If poss, I'd need it terminated with bananas at one end, and spades at the other. It doesn't need to be bi-wired, or anything like that. Does anyone have any thoughts on speaker cable?

Thanks in advance,



had some of the xt350 made up exactly in that way with spades one end and bananas the other using QED's own Airloc plugs amazing cable, excellent.

Ian J

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Welcome to yet another member of the SVS club :D

I also have M&K and SVS and a fine combination it is too. I use use Silver Anniversary for the front three but have Ixos 607 flat cable running under the carpet to the rears. I have a mixture of simple push through banana plugs and bare wires on mine.

It all sounds great to me.

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