Anamporhic Lens For HC5500


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Hello, Does anybody know anything about the above.

The HC5500 is capable of having an anamorphic lens 2:35:1

Anybody know where to get one and how much. Probably more importantly is it worth it.
Also Will it work on an 16:9 widescreen or will I have to change my whole screen?

I have an 89" diagonal Saphire electric screen, and cannot change or make it bigger as I don't have the space in my HC garage conversion.

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I don't actually know anything about the HC5500, but I do have an anamorphic lens, so I can give you an opinion on whether they are worth having, which is a resounding :thumbsup: IMHO, but that's the point really, it's a personal view.

However, if your screen size is fixed, then I think you'd have to mask it to make use of an anamorphic lens. And given one of the reasons for having one is to do away with the black bars top and bottom of the picture, I'm not sure it would be worth it.

Basically your picture would be shorter, but [appear] wider, and more like the original cinema presentation. Which is great, but if the screen width is the same as 16:9 then it might not be worth the expense.


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Yeh, I think you've answered that question.

Anamorphic lenses are damn expensive as well.

I'm not going to bother going down this route.:(

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