anamorphic auto detect on ntsc and pal.

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    hi ,have a pioneer 626d multiregion which has just come back from repair[lightening] after several months and have noticed the black bars are still there on ntsc discs but not on region 2.i have 16/9 selected on both telly [panny pf10 ]and player and have tried the switch on the back of the player to no avail[left it in auto]
    am i missing something very simple here or were the lines always there as my player was gone for months.
    regards jimmy fitzgerald.
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    You don't make it clear which discs you've been watching.

    If the movie was originally shot in an aspect ratio WIDER than 16:9 (or 1.77:1) as many are - then, even on a properly displayed anamorphic disc, you should expect to see black bars top and bottom. In such cases these black bars form part of the video signal and can't be removed (without otherwise distorting the image). It's the only way DVD makers can get the full width of a, say, 2.35:1, movie onto a 1.77:1 screen shape. Otherwise, they'd have to either crop the left and right sides of the picture, or distort it in some way to fill the screen. And we don't want that, do we?

    The important thing to check is whether things on the screen are the right SHAPE. Are people's faces face-shaped, or are they too tall, or too fat? Is the "Universal" globe round, or oval? etc....

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