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Apart from the cost is there any difference in quality between a Pinnacle Studio DV Firewire card and digitizing Hi8 tapes through my Sony TRV33 or a Pinnacle Studio AV/DV and letting the computer do all the work.
If I use either of these cards to transfer my tapes can I then use non Pinnacle editing software such as Premiere? Thanks for any comments.


I would doubt there would be much, if any difference in A>D conversion between your camcorder and the Pinnacle converter. Both should give good results. As you already have the cam then I would use that unless you find the quality is not good enough, but I doubt you will. Also unless you have a modern, powerful PC then the conversion done on the PC could well be of a lower quality due to the amount of workl involved for the PC.
Once you have captured the footage you will be able to use any software for editing that you already have, as long as the captured files are in the AVI format (or any other compatable formats for that software).



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My DV capture came with Pinnacle Studio. I moved on to more advanced editing software & the Pinnacle capture card works fine with that.

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I answered this thread in another forum but I know a lot of people that have been very disappointed with Pinnacle capture cards.

The Hauppauge PVR range are quite good and have hardware mpeg encoders on them. As I said in my other post I would (and do) use the camcorder for the conversion but you then do two conversions, Hi8 to DV and then DV to mpeg. You need around 16GB per hour of DV and a fast PC to do the mpeg encoding.

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