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I'm an amateur when it comes to AV so please overlook my mistakes. I have a security system with several cameras. All of these run to the Security DVR. From a few of the outputs I use Netmedia modulator to convert to 4 analogue signals assigned to channels 46, 48, 50 and 66 ( 66 shows all cameras) . In three rooms in the house I use television sets to monitor channel 66. If there is something going on on a particular camera I just change to one of the other channels for a better view.

I have used older analogue tvs and even a newer HD tv without problems. Today I attempted to replace a really old tv with a new one. I am unable to get the tv to pick up any channels with the antenna scan. I am able to get a couple of the channels using cable scan. But they are not assigned the same channel as the original Netmedia output. So I'm guessing there is an overlap between Cable channels and analogue antenna channels.

Anyone have any suggestions? Can I set the output of of Netmedia so the Cable scan finds it? If so what analogue channels should I use

Any help is greatly appreciated.


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Toshiba TF-32A710U21 32-inch Smart HD TV - Fire TV Edition

Netmedia channel out 50 is showing up on channel 106 cable
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Looks like it doesn’t have an an analogue tuner

I think you have just been lucky too pick up a channel on the cable element


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Got it figured out. The television scan only picked up one camera by using cable scan. I found the frequency comparison table and found that
Analogue antenna to Cable comparison
I manually added 102, 104, 106, 122 as show above. Working great now.

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