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    Does anyone know where you can buy the extended length hi-8/D8 tapes? I can only ever find 90's (60's D8) aand apparently there are 120's (hi-8) available as well?

    In addition, if I record from my Sky box analogue outputs in long play mode on a digital 8machine (Sony TRV240) using the analogue inputs, will this provide better pic quality than a standard VHS machine? The VHS machine does pretty good pics for VHS in standard play mode and good stereo sound, but maybe using a digital 8camcorder I can get up to DVD resolution and better sound? Hi-8 tapes take up far less space of course if I can find somewhere that stocks the extra length cassettes

    Dont think I can use the digital output from the Sky digibox as its not i-link, but maybe this is possible for even better quality, although the digital output from the digibox is not going to be DV format is it?
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    I think 1 hour tapes in SP is the max for Digital 8.

    You will get DVD/D8/DV quality results from recording from your Sky box or TV/Video and leaps ahead of VHS/SVHS.You will need a S-Video in lead to your cam for colour though.

    You won't get any better results using iLink as the end results will be similar.The analogue recording is converted to Digital anyway in the camcorder.

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