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    I have a Sony CCD TRV36E analogue camcorder & want to transfer my Hi8 tapes onto DVD through my computer. I have a Lifeview TV capture card installed but not sure what to do next. My camcorder has composite Video & Audio o/p, does the Video connect to the AV IN (capture card) & Audio to either AUDIO OUT (capture card) or LINE IN (sound card) or both? Also whats the best cable to use for this?

    I presume I need to install a driver for the card to work, I got a cd with the card but its cracked so u/s. I did look at installing a driver from the lifeview website but it comes up with "device not found". I presume once you've installed a driver & setup the connections correctly from the camcorder to the pc then its just a case of opening up your s/w (I have Ulead video studio 6), pressing play on your camcorder & start recording.

    Thank you for any responses in advance.

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