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I've been wanting to get a dub siren (or a rastabox some people call it), for my DJ setup for a long while now, and finally have a few quid going spare to do so...... Now the problem with dub sirens, for the purposes I want to use it for, is that it needs a delay, and I can't use the one on my mixer, because I want that for the records I'm playing.

So I'm looking at a dub siren with RCA outputs

Running into a delay, but all the delays I've found have 1/4 jack in/ouputs..... I was specifically looking at this one
Dr Tone DLY101 Analog Delay Pedal | Dawsons Music (I know its a guitar one, but that seems to be all I can find)

So obviously I'd need to get a rca to 1/4 jack from the dub siren to the delay, and then 1/4 jack to rca to go into my mixer ( a DJM800)......

But am I missing anything here? Like I could end up with a mono signal, or should all this work?


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Pretty sure you would end up with a mono signal that way, 2 rca into mono pedal will unfortunately only output one channel.

Stereo delay pedal like this Boss would work, bit more expensive though
Buy the Boss DD-7 Digital Delay

Cheaper alternative would be this

Has the two inputs you need and a few modulation effects as well as delay; chorus, tremolo, phaser, flanger and pitch shifter.

Behringer pedals aren't known for their quality (build wise) but worth a punt at £26. I have a Behringer V-amp rack and the effects on that sound fine to me, wouldn't surprise me if the same dsp chip is used in that pedal.

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