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Discussion in 'AV Receivers & Amplifiers' started by Stereo Steve, Apr 12, 2004.

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    I've tried many amps and processors and am wondering if I am wasting my time with expensive gear. I am graduating to a good source, currently at Denon 2900, target A11. So, if I play my DVD-A's, SACD's and CD's on this, using it's DAC's, I am entirely reliant on the processors bypass quality. I have a Rotel 1075 power amp and recently tried a Denon 2802 receiver in place of my Rotel 1066 with the 1075 handling the amplification.

    On SACD and DVD-A I couldn't tell the difference and it made me wonder why I need such an expensive (relatively) processor.

    Has ayone got any comments on the quality of 5.1 bypasses on amps? I know some try harder than others to make them better but if I'm using this, do I really need an AV32R over a 2802 or 3803? Is it that much better? I recently used a Sony 930 as a power amp, using the 5.1 bypass and a Tag AV32R for processing and it sounded great. So, if I'm sending an already processed signal to the same amp, won't it sound as good as my DVD player is capable of?

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