Analogue Audio outs for HD audio?


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Hi all,

Sorry in advance - this is probably an exceptionally stupid question. I'm putting together a kit list for my HTPC. One thing I will want to do is BluRay playback. So far so good. However, my amp doesn't have an HDMI input for the HD sound, but does have 7.1 analogue inputs, so what I'm looking for is either an MB or sound card which has the capability to output HD audio through 7.1 analogue outputs.

If this isn't feasible then that's fine, I'll use the non-HD audio output through SP/DIF, but are there motherboards/audio cards out there which have enough by way of outputs to enable me to connect to my amp through the analogue ins and send HD audio that way? I see plenty that have some kind of surround analogue output, but I want to ensure that the LFE channel gets sent in such a way that I can connect it to the LFE in on my amp.

Thanks in advance



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Thanks - may be too pricy for me to adopt in the short term (at least if I want to get clearance to build my HTPC this year!), but at the same time I really like my amp so may stick with 5.1 in the near term and buy one of those further down the line. If I was considering upgrading the amp obviously I'd just get an HDMI equipped one, but I really like the RX-V1500.

Bookmarked for future reference - thanks again.


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As long as your motherboard has the required 3.5mm minijacks on the rear then you can easily use these to connect your motherboard to an amp.

You would need 4 leads (3.5mm stereo jack to 2 phonos) to do this for a 7.1 speaker set up.

Lead 1 carries L/R
Lead 2 carries SR/SL (Side speakers)
Lead 3 carries Center/Sub
Lead 4 carries RR/RL (Rear speakers)

The above in no particular order btw. Just connect the minijack to the rear of the mobo. You can then assign what jack carries what channels.

In Vista (that is what i use) you have to set up the sound output for 7.1 under 'Speaker Configuration'.

My motherboard has Realtek audio drivers. Other motherboards may have sound driver from different suppliers.

Then you would also need a BD software player. I have Cyberlink Power dvd. In Cyberlink (if that is what you want to use) select 8 speakers in the Audio config menu.

While Cyberlink decodes HD soundtracks, Vista 'downscales' 24bit soundtracks to 16 bit i think. (Not sure what all that means 'technically')

However even with this short coming you will be suprised at how good it still sounds.

Have fun!!

BTW the gear at the Media Factory is very nice. I got my Zektor MAS7.1 switching unit from Joe. I use this for both my HTPC's that are connect via analogue leads to my amp.
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Thanks Apone, that's very helpful. So if I get a MB with the requisite outputs and HD audio capability, I can send out HD audio to my amp via the analogues. Top stuff :thumbsup:


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Keep us posted:thumbsup:

Just remember that your software player in the HTPC is playing and decoding the soundtrack.

Your Yamaha amp when in the 7.1 analogue mode becomes a 'volume control' to the speakers.

Speaker levels for the HTPC can be applied in Vista.
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