Analog Virgin to Digital Virgin?

Turbo Dragon

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Ok got a bit of strange one.....

The end of my street has been dug up by Kingston telecoms, methinks fibre cable?

Behold a letter from VM arrives saying my flat is eligible for Virgin Media. Now I spoke to VM who said no problem we have the ability to supply you....

These flats, to the best of my knowledge, are not cabled already so will this mean they are running new cable into every flat? If this is the case then I know thet have not asked the manageing agents permission, so how can they say they can supply me?

The only thing that confuses the issue slightly is this:

1. There is a cable in my electricity cupboard by the front door of my flat, that looks exectly like a satellite cable (FT100 is it?) there is no satellite dishes anywhere on the flats (not allowed).

2. When I moved into my flat 3 years ago, in sunny Slough, Virgin postcode checker said I could get digital VM. On the phone they said that wasnt true they could only offer me analogue services.

Is it possible that the mystery bare cable I found is an old analogue Virgin/telewest etc.... cable. VM have upgraded the box at the end of the street and can now squirt digital love down the old analouge cable without having to lay new lines? Hence they say they can supply immediately?

Any one got a clue what my mystery cable is?!


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They may have had analogue head end before, that would explain it.
Or it could be odd wiring in flats, this isn't unknown.

Turbo Dragon

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Update: Almost there now!

It was indeed an old analogue cable from Telewest that was around, jumped on that and pulled it through to hook up a new cable.

Drilled all the holes in flat to run my cable around, then tested the line to fine no signal :rolleyes:

I went out to look in the road with the engineer and during the 'upgrade' the road crew have hacked ALL the cables off under the street at the box end and not replaced them:confused:

SOOOO close and now I have to wait for a re-pull under the street to the flats to join up the old internal cables to the new box on the street.....

Clever Virgin...... ;)

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