Analog video capture device recommendation for digitising old tapes


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I’ve a number of very old 8mm camcorder tapes that I’d like to digitise and preserve. They were shot on a Sony CCD-V8AF and this will also be used to play the tapes back now.
I’ve been looking around at suitable USB composite capture devices and can’t seem to find anything that’s universally considered good, or at least trouble free.
They all seem to be rocking ancient chipsets with sketchy Windows 10 support, even though full compatibility is claimed a lot of drivers are 10+ years old. Seemingly for every positive review there is a negative!

Has anyone here got any recommendations?

Joe Fernand

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I use the Blackmagic Intensity Shuttle with my Mac to capture from various Hi-8 and miniDV cameras and once you get through the initial learning curve it does what I require in terms of capturing.

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