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ok, bear with me.

i recently bought a dvd-audio enabled player, which has analog outputs for listening to discs. However, my amp only has two analog inputs (L & R) . So my predicament is, how can i listen to a audio disc using my surround speakers? Will i have to unplug them from my amp and use the outputs on the player? Or can i get some sort of cable to act as a adapter?


Hi quiet robert and welcome to the forum.

As said to get the full quality 5.1 sound from a DVD-A disk you need the 6 analogue inputs on your amp. Without these you either have the choice of just getting a stereo output from the L/R outputs on the player or 5.1 via a coax or optical cable, but this is not the DVD-A mix but a Dolby Digital or DTS mix that all DVD-A disks have. The bad news is that you could have played these mixes on a standard DVD player. Still it gives you something to upgrade to :devil:



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What kind of amp do you have ??


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I was selling my old Marantz SR7200 for £250, that would have done it for you.


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So my predicament is, how can i listen to a audio disc using my surround speakers?
Well, you could still listen to DVD-A but in stereo only. Just connect the stereo output from the DVD player or the front L/R of the 5.1 (6-channel) output. Select the appropiate soundtrack or, where needed, configure the DVD player to make a downmix.
Not sure though if this can be done for DVD-A, might depend on the make and model.

To listen to DVD-A (or DD/DTS) in all it's 5.1 glory you need an AV amplifier or AV receiver. Then connect 6 RCA/phono leads and you are ready.
If player and amp have a i-link connection you may use that (saves some cables).

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