Anaglyph or Side-by-side 3D clips on Samsung ES6800


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Hi Guys, i just want to experiment something but before i do i wish to clear something in my head.

Yesterday i tried to convert a 2D movie to a 3D by using the 3D mode button which was good but not excellent. I just want to see how good the real 3D clip would look like as i do not own any sort of a player. I see there is something called Side-by-side clips and then Anaglyph clips. Would i be able to view either of these on my television or do i have to download a specific 3D format clip? Sorry if i'm not making any sense but please do ask. Many thanks in advance.


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Anaglyph 3D material does not require a 3D TV or any sort of special player. You just need the red/cyan specs that used to come with kids 3D comics. You cannot convert the format to anything else. It was used for cinema films in the 50's/60's.


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You can use Side-by-Side 3d on your TV.

If you use the Smart Hub and youtube app, there are plenty of 3d clips on youtube and the TV should automatically switch to the correct 3d mode for you.

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