An unusual fault - Sky + RF outlet

Discussion in 'Sky Digital TV Forum' started by neiljones, Jan 15, 2005.

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    Just installed a new Sky Dish and Digital aerial (the cable was far too long)
    Old dish and aerial gave good picture. RF lead to Sky amplifier box serviced three other outlets. Magic eye on all three sets. No problem. RF was tuned to Channel 30

    After new installation no picture on RF channel. Changed to 68 no better.
    Magic eye lights showing no red light.

    Ran co -ax cable to set in kitchen not using amplifier -picture perfec. Sky Box RF outlet therefore ok

    Thought amplifier must have packed in- tried all connection-appeared ok.

    The RF connection to sky box was via a co-axial connector - as a last resort tried connector from video -picture perfect on all sets Did not touch the co ax connector.

    Put the sky box connector on the video - picture perfect.
    I spent hours connecting, reconnecting retuning tv, went through channels 21-69 on Aky Box

    Problem - one lousy co ax connector which I am still puzzled about because it works perfectly on the video.

    The moral is it could have cost me a fortune-new sky box, new amplifier
    call out etc - why it suddenly became a bad connection after four years puzzled me because the new dish and aerial process did not interfere with the RF connector - that remained untouched.

    All pictures now perfect - I used a region 2 sky dish -quality and strength are now 90% on both channels-maybe the system got a shock. :lesson: :lesson:

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