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Now that I have your attention. I will start....
I am currently updating my 9 year old setup.

A lot of questions I have, might eventually span several new threads. However, I would be extremely grateful - if you can answer any or all of my questions or point me in the right direction. I currently have the following equipment:

NO TV - Pioneer 435XDE arriving next week.
Satellite: Sky Digital Grundig box

Amplifier: Yamaha DSP-A780 (Dolby Pro Logic support)
Receiver: Yamaha RX-592RDS
CD Player: Marantz CD63SE
DVD Player: Sony DVP735D
VCR: Sony SLV-E700
PVR: Thompson TiVo
MD Player: Sony MDS-JE510
Console: XBOX (modified)

L/R - Tannoy Profile 633 (max power output 100w)
Centre - KEF 90 (max power output 150w)
Rear - Yamaha NS-E80 (n/a)
Sub - NONE

I want to replace/add the following:
Amplifier: Yamaha RX-V750 or 1500
Rear: Tannoy ARENA
Sub: REL Quake


1. Am I right in keeping the existing FRONT speaker setup, with the amp(s) I have chosen - as I do not want to invest in a completely new setup until I move?

2. I have not heard the new Tannoy ARENA yet - I might possibly go to the Bristol show to see/hear them in action. Would anyone recommend them with my setup?

3. The subwoofer I have chosen i.e. REL Quake is due to necessity and budget. Is it good with the new setup or should I go for something higher in the range? As the sub is one item - I will be keeping when I update the whole speaker range.

I will be discarding everything apart from the Plasma, Amplifier and the Subwoofer - in 2 years approx. Although, I love my Tannoy 633's - I have heard (physically) other stuff that is much better and refined e.g. B&W amongst others...



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Accepted wisdom would suggest having the same make for fronts and the centre speakers.

Also, see the XLS200 sub from BK, supposed to be a cracker (see the advert in subwoofer section), or the Velodyne 10.

HTH a bit...

Ian J

It is quite important to have similarly voiced speakers across the front and whilst desirable to have something from the same family at the rear it is less important.

I have never heard the Tannoy Profile 633 so don't know whether the KEF 90 is a good tonal match. If not I would suggest changing the centre speaker before the rears. If no-one comes up with a suggestion for a suitable centre I would suggest that you contact Tannoy and ask them.

Subwooferwise, I agree with mhuk05 that either the BK XL200 or the Velodyne CHT-10 would be a more cost effective subwoofer solution than the REL Quake dependant on your priorities with the BK being the most musical or the two but the Velodyne having more slam for films.


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mhuk05 & Ian J - Thanks. I understand the implications of having non-standard speaker family across the L/R & Centre or even at the rear for that matter. However, 9 yrs ago this was suggested as the most suitable setup - by a reputable Hi-Fi company, which is still going quite strong. And to be perfectly honest, it has served me quite well, albeit it has downsides where some movies and music is concerned.

BTW - the dimensions of the room where all of this kit is residing is 15' L x 14' W

Now it has come to adding/replacing bits of it - I am trying to reuse some of the components rather than changing everything, as I will definitely be moving out my current flat which is split-level. Hence, I will never be able to push *any* one piece of equipment to more than 30% of the projected power. However, I am trying to be a little bit intelligent (please do not laugh) in my buying decisions - so I can reuse whatever I buy for my next destination.

As I do not currently own a subwoofer - it will be a revealation to own one and use it. Also, considering my current 'living quarters' - would you recommend any of the subs you have mentioned, where there are neighbours in a 5.1 setup - the .1 in this equation is the one who always complains! which one is better in the above situation - forward firing vs a downward firing?



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I'm looking at both those subs for my system and am still undecided.. If i had ms906 or ms908 fronts would the Velodyne CHt-10 do the job OK? Or should I just go the extra £60 and get the the XLS200??!!

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