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Reviewed by Mark Botwright, 10th December 2010.
An Idiot Abroad won’t tickle everyone’s fancy. It is best enjoyed by those who’ve already acquired a taste for the comedic musing of he of the amazingly spheroid head. When flustered and confused, Karl Pilkington represents perfectly those of us who may like the idea of travel but ultimately know that changing to a different brand of tea-bag or value biscuits would be upheaval and hardship enough. Better leave it to the professionals then, and there’s no better flag bearer for those diametrically opposed to world travel and roughing it than Karl. In making this programme, Sky has sent an oddity to view the Wonders and we reap the rewards.

The region free discs are as good as one could reasonably expect given the docu-nature of the content. The interlaced picture is naturalistic and the sound is perfunctory, whilst the extras, though small in number, have enough content that could have made the final cut, to be seen as worthwhile.

As a package these two discs more than facilitate the experience of viewing Karl’s fuzzy haired little dome bounce from pillar to post in surprise, disgust and downright annoyance. He may have famously said he doesn't like fun, but watching him not enjoy himself is certainly funny.

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I laughed my head off when he did the ninja training in China! LOL


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Was hilarious for the first 5 episodes and then kinda ran out of steam imo. Still well worth a rewatch - nice review Mark :smashin:

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