An app to play AVI & MKV files..?


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hi there

i currently have an Android Phone (the Samsung Galaxy Apollo i5800) and i found the phone to be quite useful in my everyday life. but secretly i am STILL a lover and admirer of the iPhone....its apps, features and uses.

i have several Divx files (in AVI container) and MKV files as well. now, i'm aware that officially the iPhone (3GS and 4) cannot play these said files but i have heard and read that an app will be able to.

i would like to know which app is this please? i think this would be a turning point in finally deciding to buy an iPhone again...

i want a phone that suits my needs. and i think the iPhone will deliver that. weather it has its faults or not....



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There's quite a few video player apps on the iPhone, including VLC which has just been released.

There's also a few that you wouldn't think of - for example, I use AirSharing, which is an app to use my iPhone as a wireless disk (transfer files to and from the iPhone and computer over wifi, aswell as in iTunes) which I prodominantly use for viewing office (word, excel, pdf, etc) files, but it also plays a few media file types too, including AAC and MP3 audio, MP4 and M4V video, and I *think* it also plays AVI. Not sure about MKV mind.

You're best bet is probably VLC though...

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Buzz Player is much better than VLC on the iPhone, I don't think there's anything that can play a whole host of MKV's well every time though


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I've just started using VLC for a load of films I now have. Plays avi's perfectly.
Haven't tried anything else yet so can't comment but works fine for me :thumbsup:


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I've used VLC now for a number of things and its not let me down once yet. Far easier than spending ages converting them via Handbrake etc.

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