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Hi all, just thought I'd drop this note in a a lot of people, including me, want their PC as quiet as possible (fan noise and hdd noise).

I bought an HP Vectra VL420 (this model because that's what I had been buying for work as a standard PC). I got one for home and immediately noticed that it was near-silent. Then I noticed in the specs that they are promoted as having a feature called "quietflow" (or similar). The motherboard has a bunch of sensors to monitor fan speeds and temperatures. Even the hard disk is silent (and I mean silent).

I'll tell you how quiet it is - I installed a Geforce 4 ti4600 and the fan noise of the card was really bad so i got in touch with and ordered a big heat sink for the card to replace the fan. Whilst I was there I ordered their silent PSU and also their flower CPU heatsink and fan just for the hell of it.

Anyway, the graphics card heat sink did the trick, but the PSU and CPU solutions, whilst very good, ended up making more noise than the stock solutions. I just ended up with more wind noise!

Now when the PC is not working hard (i.e. playing films) you cannot hear a thing - at all. If you thrash it - with a game - the PSU and case fan speed up a bit and a whooshing sound can be heard. Perfect. No HDD noise either. So that is what you are going to get out of the box unless you upgrade the graphics card (the heat sink for the card is 22 + VAT and I did not bother installing an additional fan as recommended and have heat tested the machine and the internal cooling is perfectly adequate).

So - if you want a near silent HTPC and don't want to spend ages experimenting then I highly recommend this PC. I'm an IT manager of 12 years and have never heard anything come close.

Hope this helps someone.



A video recorder in "action" is noisier - a whirring , mechanical noise.

Basically I just get a very quiet "air" noise, which you cannot hear from the sofa (8 ft away). The is absolutely no mechanical noise at all.

I'd say a vcr is twice as noisy.

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