An alternative to Pricejapan : No Dead Pixel Check


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All this worry about dead pixel thing got me to wondering how much people would pay to know they have a faultless AE200/AE300 (maybe HS10's as well). I wonder if you bought 10/20 at a time if Pricejapan would check them for you ?? I've got some spare cash lying around, maybe I could import some on bulk...

I could maybe keep a couple back as hot swaps in the UK so people wouldn't have to wait weeks for turnaround in Japan, could be an interesting side line. I would obviously need to add a little money to the price for my time/expense etc.. Also you would be assured of not receiving a DOA machine..

Obviously it cost quite alot to send these back, around £200, also a wait of a few weeks while it get through customs etc.

Obviously if people are willing just to take this risk and wouldn't want to pay a premium then its a bit of a non starter ;) I'm not expecting to make £££ out of it as I already have a job..

Thoughts please ?



If you really want buy bulk wouldn't it be best to fly to Japan buy them test them whilst you are there then fly back with them knowing they work. Don't know how many you can pack in a suitcase. Although you know what luggage handlers are like. Just a thought.



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I would be willing to pay a premium for a no dead pixel guarantee probably somewhere below cost of sending one back for replacement as chance of getting two bad ones would be low


Good idea HeadRat...count me in !, I would be willing to pay for that guarantee.

If you wouldn't mind selling too swedish customers also =)


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If you're thinking of running this properly, you then have to consider your stance on the warranties.

who sends it back if it goes wrong?


As an experiance retailer I would say thet you are stepping in to a legal mine field HEADRAT.
My advice, dont do it :eek: :eek: :eek:



After I posted I thought of the ONE thing that should stop you, 3rd party liability insurance !!!! its costly and if you aint got it your breaking the law.



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I suppose what you could do is get say 10 people together who agree to share any shipping costs to japan to return their pj for dead pixels. So if one of the 10 needs send back then everyone pays say 20 quid instead of one person paying 200.

It depends on the ratio of good pj's to defective ones. But it's worth it as the maximum cost is what you'd pay if your's went wrong anyway. You're just sharing the risk which becomes incremental instead of all or nothing.

Basically you're all underwriting the others' risk so perhaps price Japan should do some sort of insurance at extra cost? Or some independent insurer could think about it.

It's a thought anyway.
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