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I have a long thin(ish) room. Currently on short walls I have doorway one end and window other.
In front of window is CRT with 5.1 speaker arrangement.
Viewing position is half way down room (bear with me - this is a speaker question I think!)
I want to fit a plasma to the wall. Due to door and window it MUST go on long wall 90 degrees to current position. This means sofa will be on one wall watching plasma on other (across short width of room).

It means with sofa backed against opposite wall to plasma, rear speakers will be level (almost) with listening position. Will this be ok? I am using KEF eggs through a Yammy 757 amp. Are there anough settings in the amp to "push" rears back through the wall so to speak?

Might be question for reciever forum - if so please move Mr Moderator.



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Also if I go down this route, will change egg centre for KEF 5000/6000 centre(aesthetics and sound).

I was going to use freed up egg as 6.1 channnel but this will be above sofa and listening position - can I get this to work?

PS If any estate agents are reading this I can't afford a new house - well not that and the plasma ;)



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I fI have wrongly phrased or aked this in the wrong place please let me know!

I need this info before leaping into buying a plasma and can't wait!


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Re-write the question, starting again, IMO.
Only clearer :smashin: :smashin: :smashin:

It's not clear what you are asking mate.

Describe your room, then ask questions and number them :smashin: :smashin:

Such as, I have such and such.

1) will this work

2) is this ok

3) can you suggest??

etc etc

Ian J

If I have read your question correctly the Kef Eggs at the rear should be OK in line with the settee but turn them sideways so that they fire across the seating position rather than forwards towards the plasma.

It may also help if you could place them higher up the wall ( say 6 feet high) and angled down slightly.

I can't speak for the centre rear in a 6.1 situation as I haven't gone down that route.
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