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I am currently trying to get a good control solution together for my new Home Entertainment system. However, I am really keen to do all this by myself. Sorry, I'm a bit of a DIY geek.

Does anyone know where I can get my hands on some good resources for learning to programm the AMX kit. I've got all the software required and I've checked out most of their site, but a lot of it is restricted info.

All I am looking for is some examples of code, or at least some AMX RS232 commands to allow me to learn to control my Yamaha RX-V1600 AV Receiver via the RS-232 port.

Any help would be appreciated.

PS how do I de-cipher the info in the Yamaha RS-232 Protocol documents. Geese:



Vis Man

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Hi Rab, :eek:

I only program Crestron. Going on AMX course soon.

If i was controling it with Crestron i would send the following string



you need your start command (STX) = 02
operation command = 0 hex value = 30
4 bytes of code hex value = 37,41,31,44
and last of all stop command (ETX) = 03

Good luck


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Thanks Vis Man, although maybe I should have advised just how much of a novice I am.

I've kinda surmised that the following command needs to be sent to the AMX controller:

SEND_STRING RS232_1, 'in here goes some sort of string of hex codes'

and hopefully that tells the controller to output the string via the RS232 port 1, which is connected to my receiver.

What I don't know, are the commands for setting up the port comms, initiating communications with the yammie amp and then getting feedback on the status.

I was kinda hoping someone on the forum would know where I could find examples of a similar AMX program, or some documentation that details the exact process.

I appreciate your response, but it may be a bit over my head at the moment, or just not specific enough to allow me to adapt to the AMX language.

Sorry, I'm super keen to learn and think doing this myself will be loads of fun but I am a complete newbie at the moment.


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That looks like a great starting point and I'll check it out. Thanks Vis Man.

However if anyone else does have any examples, that would be appreciated also.

crestron boy

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you need to send this command to the yamaha first to start RS232 comms


untill you send that the unit will just through back a NAK command!


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Hi Rab :)

Have learned your way up to programm AMX, Do you still have all the software needed? I have a friend who has an AMX controller but it´s having some problems with it and I just want to help him reconfiguring some stuff in his controller if you will be so kind to set me up and give me some advice.:lease:

Thanks in advance


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