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Hi everyone, been surfing these pages for snippets of info for years, but am in need of some expert input if I may.

I have aquired (perfectly legally) an AMX Netlinx integerated controller NI2000, a Autopatch 8x16 Matrix and 4 off Cat5 Av Modules.
I would have liked to have got the I.R. emitters and wiring but didn't (long story)
What's the likely expence in getting this running for a simple multiroom Av solution ie locating and buying the requred bits, and am I right in thinking that although this is strictly professional Kit I should be capable of learning enough to have a play and use it just for home.

Any input would be extra to what I have now.
If this is a real non starter is this kit worth anything to anyone else?

Thanks in advance Pete.


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Hi, thanks for the reply.
I've obviously got to secure more kit to get this to a workable stage, Having spoken to the uk rep for Amx/autopatch all I came away with was summerised as 'no chance mate'.
They want me to become a Professional Installer and follow all their courses before they'll entertain me.
I'm probably gonna give this a miss.
It's gonna be cheaper to put a decoder and disk player in each room!
Cheap Kit Anyone??

charris cy

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I am very familiar with AMX and Autopatch. What would you like to do?

This is not a simple multi-room solution. It is very difficult to setup and program if you are not an AMX dealer or programmer.

What kind of Autopatch switcher do you have? Which signals does it route?

Do you have any AMX touchpanels, remotes or keypads?

Are you a programmer? Can you code in C?

Are you familiar with IR and RS232, how their codes are structured and what cables they need?

Do you have Netlinx? TP4?

What is your AV experience?

What exactly do you mean by multi-room solution?

One warning is that AMX does not go very well with the terms "budget" or "cheap" solution. And you need a lot more expensive equipment to make the things you have to work.

From your posts I think you have something that is zero value to you and you will not be able to do anything with it. But I might be wrong...


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Hi charris cy, Thanks for taking the time to type out.

Clearly what you have said is logical and accurate.

This kit was being disposed of and I knew loosely what it was capable of and turned on the magpie mode.

Unfortunately there are no controllers and all of the infra red sensors for the source controls disappeared into a skip before I could recover them.

I'm into High tech security so quite adaptable but not willing to throw lots of cash at something just for kicks, got model heli's for that Lol.

I'll be needing multiroom for my next house renovation project but it would be sensible to wait until then to purchase, as the market is developing quickly.

I'll let this go to anyone who can make use of it.

best regards, Pete.

charris cy

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Can most CIs code in C then? :rotfl:

Most average and big AMX shops employ a pro programmer that usually comes from a computer programming background. AMX Netlinx language is only code based and is very similar to C and it is quite hard to code even a simple system if you are not a programmer. Crestron Windows Simple is a bit "easier" due to the fact fact that is not a code language - although there is code below that of course and can be manipulated in Simple+ - and it is easier to do a simple system if you do the training even if you are not a programmer. But doing a complex Crestron system is probably as hard as doing an AMX one.

The other option is to employ on a project basis an independant AMX programmer at around 500 pounds per day. Even then though, you must know what you are doing, have everything connected correct including all control and av cables and signals and tested using the software which is again not the simplest thing in even a medium size resi project.

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