Amstrad Sky+ RF out problem


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Two weeks ago I had an amstad sky + installed together with multiroom. Old pace digibox passes rf thru ok but new Amstrad sky + corruupts the rf out any one had the same ??
I now has a global sky plus combiner so i can control sky and sky+ thru my slx8 booster which works ok. I have both rfout2 connected on different rf channels and picture is great but if i connect the aerial to rfin on the sky+ box the rfout 2 from it is awful. Its the same on rfout1 and rfout2 and with the rfout2 violtage on and off BUt normal terrestial 1 thru 5 are ok
Is it the amcrap box ????? I have swapped all cables and so know its not a bad cable or connection.

Panic over the rfout on chan 68 was A Taboo channel chage to 26 and all ok . Amstrad picture stil badly pixellated but what do you expect at the price


Sounds as if the rf output frequency is too close to the terrestrial transmitter. Try changing the rf output to something else.

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