Amstrad sky + & Pace Mk 1


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Can the above units be run together/along side each other. Or do the both use the same remote control codes? and thus cant be used in the same room


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My guess would be they'll use the same codes.
It is a guess, but I think a well founded one.

The Sky+ remotes are a standard item that you can buy seperately.
Pretty sure the technical specification for all Sky boxes and remotes is set in stone. The manufactures just aquire permission to build 'em.
The different manufactures just account for cosmetic changes and some value added features (like optical out on standard Sky boxes from Sony)

I don't think what your proposing will work.


The answer is yes, SKY+ use different remote codes so u can have both side by side.

Sky are not stupid and hence the mirror sub etc.



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Sorry, I thought we were talking about 2 sky+ boxes from different manufacturers.
You're right of course though, my old basic Sky remote does not operate my Sky+ box.

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