Amstrad Sky+ Fault


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I've had my Amstrad Sky+ box for around 6 weeks now and have been very impressed with it so far, but over the last few days I've had my first problem. On every recording recently during playback, it freezes every time at the 9 minute mark then it'll jump ahead 3 or 4 minutes. On one recording it just stopped playback dead but the green LED on the front is still circling. Im stumped so if anyone has any ideas or has experienced something similar would appreciate any feedback.


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Phone 'em and ask for a Pace Box. If they say no - tell 'em to stick the Amstrad where the sun don't shine!

All Amstrad boxes are cr*p. My first Digibox, a DRX100 failed along with seven replacements.

I read with interest some people's comments regarding the Pace boxes - had my version 2 for a year with no problems whatsoever. It was properly installed, though :devil: On it's own shelf - runs nice 'n cool! Mmmm. Nice. :D


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Well, I've just re-formatted the hard drive and am currently recording a couple of programs to see if thats solved the problem. If not, will be on to Sky first thing in the morning!
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