Amstrad SKY+ auto switching problem

Discussion in 'Sky Digital TV Forum' started by kamza, Feb 1, 2005.

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    Hi all...need some help here

    My TV is a Sony FQ75 and of the 3 scarts it has, only 1 is RGB enabled. To get round this problem, my choice of amp was the Pioneer VSX301 (OK, not the greatest but it had to be wife friendly :blush: ) which has 3 RGB scarts built in so the idea being you plug your DVD, STB & video into it and then run a single scart from the amp to the RGB enabled scart on the telly.

    The amp has an AV direct so if you don't want to listen in surround, it acts just like an auto switch box. Problem is that when switching on SKY+, it does not turn on the amp which in turn does not switch the telly to AV1 whereas if you turn on the DVD or video they work fine.

    Checked all cabling and all are fine. Funny thing is the scart power on option on the sky box is set to "on" and the box works if connected directly to the telly.

    I've only had SKY+ since Saturday and so far I've suffered the vertical bars problem, poor PQ and low sound :mad: :mad: :suicide: this another fault that should be added to the list or is there some changes I can make to the set-up.

    Hope this post makes sense and thanks in advance....

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