Question Amstrad dxr890-c screw driver required?


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Hi everyone,

anyone any idea what type of screw driver is required to open this box. Seems to be security screws holding the black plastic case in place on the sides. 2 screws, that my usual screw drivers don't appear to fit.



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A standard DRX890-C box normally has 2 Philips screws at the rear which secure the side panels (which slide off towards the rear after lifting their retaining plastic clip on the bottom) and 1 Philips screw under the viewing card drop-down flap on the front.
It's then just a case of levering gently up the 3 latching plastic clips on the front underside and the whole chassis then slides out.
I've never come across torx screws on any DRX890-C so I suspect someone has used these in place of the ones normally used.
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