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Hi i have an amstrad drx780uk box, bought it second hand so i could use to it to view the FTA channels as the terestrial freeview is abit dodgy where i live. The problem is i cant record with it, if you try it just says contact sky.
I dont want to pay silly amounts to sky for the priviledge of recording. i wondered if any one has managed to scrap the original OS on the box and load something different on it in order to be able to record??? i have tried searching but all i can find is some threads which are old.

Any help cheers


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No chance mate.

You can either pay Sky £10 a month for recording or sell it and buy another more useful receiver. A Freesat receiver will give you the same features, eg full EPG and series links. Have a look at the Humax Foxsat HDR.


Hi and welcome to the forum.
Linux doesn't come into this but assuming that the "box" is a Sky PVR you can only use it to record by paying to Sky.
As kevkbuk says a Freesat machine is a better option and here they all are: freesat+ HD TV recorder - freesat.
HTH - Logi
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thanks for the replys, i think i will just take out the 300gb sata drive and use it for something else, i did have another thought of using the case and building a sat reciever into it using an mini itx board, abit of bodging but would make a nice media server case.


At the present prices for drives that's probably a good idea.:thumbsup:

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