Amps with time delay for lipsync issues


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May 20, 2003
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Quick question: can someone give me a list of amps/receivers which have an audio time delay function that can be used to address lipsync issues, and which are in the sub £500 price bracket?? Cheers.
About a year ago when the Denon 3803 was released it was the first receiver in the sub £1000 price bracket to have the master delay feature. There are a few others available now, but still not in the sub £500 range.
If you can wait for a while then the new Denon 3805 is about to be released and therefore I would expect the price of the 3803 to drop a little as retailers clear their old stocks. Otherwise its keep an eye out for one second hand.

It's not far off already - you can buy a 3803 for £590.00.
Thanks for the replies essential is this feature for use with plasmas? I hear its only an issue for certain (non-movie) channels on Sky and my local Sevenoaks Hifi didn't think it was an issue really anymore.
It really depends on how sensitive you are to lip-sync. I tend to get bothered by it if watching for long periods, but if just watching while doing other things I don't notice it. I find Sky News is the worst for lip-sync, with some of the other news channels close behind. I only occasionally notice it with DVD's.
Some people are lucky and never notice it at all.


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