Amps with 'Stereo' subwoofer pre-out


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I have 2 X KEF 45B subs and recently considered upgrading them to a single REL Stadium.
But on demo, I decided the upgrade wasn't worth it.

Currently my 2 subs are connected in dual mono mode using a splitter. Each sub sits L & R of the listening position.
Given that my main speakers are also THX designs (KEF 23F) their frequency response ends at 80Hz, so I'm losing some valuable 'stereo' effect with a mono sub arrangement.

What I'd like is an amplifier that provides split L & R subwoofer pre-outs.
Is there anything out there that provides this and would not be considered a downgrade from my current Denon A1SE.
A new Denon to come out with this would be nice.


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Well, may or may not be able to help you!
I have just purchased a second Rel Storm 3 from the classifieds here (thanks for that Simon!) and am running it from a Yamaha AX1 which DOES support a stereo sub mix.
So, I guess the new Yamahas also do.
Interesting to see you will not be changing from two to one bigger one. I bought the second Storm on a whim almost, and it seems to have made my room alot less boomy running two. Early days yet though, so will have to experiment with placements etc.
Unfortunately due to err, how shall we put it, domestic 'issues' my subs are not ideally situated in the corners along the same axis as the main speakers, but both along a side wall with a couch between them. (which of course negates any 'stereo' advantage!). So, I will in fact be looking to get a splitter to run them in mono and see what difference that makes!! Although it would be interesting to see if any one here has any comments on this topic, given the supposed non directionality of bass frequencies.


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Meridian and Theta processors do that... :devil:


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just had an idea.
Will this work ok?:-

- ignore the sub pre-out altogether
- Set subwoofer to 'none' in amp set up
- Set main speakers to 'large'
- connect high level signal to each sub via L & R speaker terminals.
- set active crossover on each sub to 80Hz

My thinking is that the sub 80Hz sound, including the LFE will be distributed from the amps main L&R speaker terminals.


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Yes, but the speakers will get all the bass too... :nono:

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