Amps to audition for Martin Logan Clarity



I'm buying a pair of Martin Logan Clarity speakers. I have tried both integrated amps and 5.1 receivers in my price range and found the amps to be superior for music, which is my primary use case.

I have auditioned Marantz pm7001 and Denon 697 and preferred the Marantz. My budget for the amp is $600. I would be willing to go upto $800 if I’m getting something much better.

I have a couple of questions:
1) What are other good amps in my price range that I should listen to before I decide?
2) The store where I’m buying the speakers carries only Marantz and Denon. How do I audition other amps with my speakers? Other stores do carry other brand amps but don’t carry the speakers I’m looking at.



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The only time I have seen Martin Logan speakers is with amps such as Krell but that was 10-20 years ago. I had a quick look at their specs and the recommendation is for 100-200w amps.
Most good denon Amps (like the 3806 and above) will drive the Mation Logan's I have the aerius driven by Pioneer ax5i quite nicely. Do your clarity's have the bi-amp option as this will really help and then you can use the bi-amp option on the amp.

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