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Amps and Speakers


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I need someone to help me clarify a few things.
I have the bose 191 ceiling speakers(50 watt 4/8ohms)x5. I've seen an amp with 100 watts x 6 (8 ohms). Is this too powerfull for my speaker? will by speakers burn out? and if anyone can explain what 100 watt x 6 means etc.

pleaes let me know. thanks.

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Not much, as it turns out. There are standards for rating power amp outputs, but there's no generally accepted standard for power ratings on speakers. Most people will tell you that it's better to have more power in the amp. The quickest way to kill speakers is an amp without enough power. When it runs out of power the sound distorts in a way that can kill speakers.

However there are obviously limits here. You can eventually burn out speakers by trying to put too much power through them. Unfortunately there aren't any numbers that will reliably tell you when that is going to happen.


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it will be fine, just dont turn it up to silly volumes. in fact, its better for the speakers than having a 50 watt amp at max vol, like hedrick said, because clipping/distortion hurts.
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