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Hi, my current amp/setup is cambridge audio a5 - cambridge audio cd player (very old,) and gale 30 speakers.
Obviously nothing is digital there ....I do play my ipod through the amp using a pure i20 but now i need some more connectivity....I think I need a new amp at least as good as the a5 but with streaming & a usb, so that i can utilise the hi-res files from my pc.?
Oh yes, I have apple music, (which i have only played with so far) so it would be nice to stream that too?
Your advise would be very welcome-thanks.


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Here’s a good starter similar level
Of Amp with Bluetooth connectivity if you fancy sticking with CA.

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Hi. This Denon is super value for money. Especially if you get it at one of it's regular sale prices (I've seen as low as £500). Streaming, all the fixed connections you'd ever need and a powerful class A/B amp section.

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It can be tricky finding an affordable integrated amp with a USB-A input. I know, I recently tried. I use an external DAC to connect my PC to the amp. Gives me a lot more options.

The Cambridge CXA61 is one option, but I have had bad experiences with recent Cambridge products (often faulty) so never invested in this myself.

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another alterative, and possibly a fair bit cheaper, is to do what i did. i bought some active monitors for my pc. i went with Adam t5v monitors. running through an Asus essense stx soundcard from the pc they sound really good.
a topping e30 dac was recommended for pc to monitors also.
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yes, but it's a fair way from hi-fi & tv etc.

That’s not a problem if you want to use the pc. I’ve used 20 metre cables between my Mac and a dac preamp in a separate room many times with zero issues. Ten metres or less will present no problems if you decide to go the optical input amp route.

There are certainly more of them around than amps with USB inputs at your apparent budget.
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