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I have a pair of amps in my lounge. One is my Onkyo surround amp, the other is my Marantz stereo amp hooked up to my Pro-ject turntable.

I want to be able to switch the inputs to my B&W 685 front speakers (that are part of my surround system) between the Onkyo and the Marantz depending on whether I'm watching movies or listening to vinyl/CD's. The Onkyo isn't fantastic at stereo music and it's a hassle to switch it to just stereo mode and exclude the other speakers.

My speakers are all connected using banana plugs.

Now I see a lot of speaker switches in the market (i.e. enable your amp to switch between multiple speaker pairs) but not the other way around - i.e. switch between multiple amps to a single pair of speakers. I looked at the QED SS-21 but it states in their features FAQ:

Can I use them in reverse e.g. as an amplifier switcher (we know the answer is no, but why?)
NO - because the speaker switches are designed to have two sets or more of speakers attached to one amp, if used in reverse there is always the possibility of connecting two amps at once to one pair of speakers resulting in damage to one or both amps.

Ok fine. Could I still use this switch as an amp switch but be very careful and ensure both amps are turned off before switching between them if using as an amp switch?

Are there other recommendations?


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If you want a completely hassle-free solution, try a Russound automatic selection switch (Russound - AB-3.2 Automatic Speaker Selector). Other manufacturers of such devices include Sonance (AS2) and Speakercraft (CTL02002). The Beresford TC-7220 or Russound AB-2.2 are the usual recommendations for a manual switch.

Using a speaker selection switch in reverse and being very careful will only work if the switch guarantees to break one circuit before making the other. Since such devices are marketed as source selection switches rather than sink selection switches, a reasonable default assumption is that a speaker selection switch is not suitable.


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I think the Beresford mentioned above is the default recommendation. I have used a QED MA19 in the past which seems quite good. These are old now, but occasionally come up on eBay for not much money.

As Mark mentions, the key difference between these and a speaker switch is that they have three positions on each switch - A/Off/B rather than just A/B. That 'Off' position is quite important.


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Be very careful with the switch that you purchase, as many of the cheaper ones designed for multiple speakers common up the black - negative connection and only switch the positive. Not a problem for speaker selection unless the amplifier is bridged, but not good for use in reverse.

I would hope you will be OK with a Beresford, but worth asking the question.


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Had the same issue myself. In the end I built my own for use between as501 Just used a silver alloy 4PDT switch (break before make type and as used in £100 switches) and some speaker binding posts. Works great provided I remember to switch it to correct position. Originally designed it to be relay operated so would automatically switch, but trying to find suitably rated relays was a pain. If you want info on switch let me know and I'll try and find details on the one I bought (£12ish).
Edit: this is what I have S42T NKK Switches | Mouser

20190324_102934.jpg 20190324_102927.jpg 20190321_204314.jpg
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Thispost is old I know, but I just bought a Russound AB-3.2 to switch a pair of speakers between amps. It works a treat and does what is says. It took a little while to set up the sensitivity & delay Pots to suit my needs ( they are very sensitive controls & fiddly) but once done thats it. Set & forget. 👍🏻

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