Amplifier Recommendation for Outdoor System w/ Denon AVR-X3700H


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Hello All,

Looking for advice and recommendations for an amplifier to power an outdoor Speaker/Sub Zone with my Denon AVR-X3700H.

I am in the process of completing my home upgrade of a 3-Zone System controlled by Control4 or Savant Home Automation. All parts have been purchased and installed with the exception of the Outdoor Amp and home automation. All equipment is in a 6 foot rack in the basement.

The main goal is to have a system that can play audio in 2 or 3 separate zones (Indoor/Outdoor) via one APP CONTROLLED system. (Ex. Play a movie inside on the surround, while also playing music in the backyard and front porch).

The indoor is technically one zone ( I think..? depends how you look at it ) consisting of Living Room 5:1 Surround and MasterBed/Dining. Audio will primarily be played in the living room and rarely in the Master. The Living room and Master do not need to be able to play separate audio like I intended for outdoors. I just want the ability to turn of audio to the Master and Dining Rooms while the living room surround is on.

Outdoor has four 8Ohm Speaker Pairs and one Subwoofer that I wish to power with a separate amp for stability and power.

The current setup is as follows:

AVR-X3700H Rack Mounted
Sony BluRay X700 Rack Mounted
Samsung QN90A Living Room TV

AVR Zone 1: Indoor Living Room Surround 5:1
  • x3 SpeakerCraft AIM 7 FIVE Front L/C/R Ceiling (150W/8ohm Ea)
  • x2 SpeakerCraft AIM LCR3 In-Wall Rear L/R (60W/80hm Ea)
  • x1 Protege FS10 Subwoofer (500W Peak / 250RMS)
Using a single LC-1 cable to LFE port for subwoofer

AVR Zone 2: Other Indoor Rooms. (Total of three 8ohm Pairs)
  • x1 PAIR Polk RC6s Master Bedroom (100W/8ohm Ea) to an OSD knob.
  • x1 Polk RC6si stereo input Master Bath (100W/8ohm) to an OSD knob.
  • x1 Polk RC6si stereo input Dining Room (100W/8ohm) to an OSD knob.
All knobs set to 4X Impedance.

Zone 3 - Outdoor (Total of four 8ohm Pairs & one Sub)

- x1 PAIR Niles RS5 Pro Hottub (100W/8ohm Ea) to a 100W OSD knob.
15ft Wire run from Speakers to Knob. 30ft Wire run from knob to rack. (14/4)
- x1 PAIR Niles RS6 Pro Pool (150W/8ohm Ea) to a 100W OSD knob.
60ft Wire run from Speakers to Knob. 20ft Wire run from knob to rack. (14/4)
- x1 PAIR OSD Omni360 Garden (200W/8ohm Ea) to a 100W OSD knob.
40ft Wire run from Speakers to Knob. 20ft Wire run from knob to rack. (14/4)
  • x1 PAIR Polk RC6s Porch (100W/8ohm Ea) to an OSD knob. (16/4)
  • x1 OSD GLS8 In-Ground Subwoofer (500W/8ohm)
60ft Wire run from Subwoofer to Rack (12/2)

All wire was run in sealed PVC pipes around a pool with additional landscape lighting.

Based on my current setup, I assume I would need an amplifier for the outdoor Speakers and Subwoofer… I would prefer that this Amp be able to integrate into the AVR-X3700H and an app based system (if possible). However, I do not know what brands or specs of an Amp to look for.

Any suggestions or advise is greatly appreciated! Apologies in advance for any confusion or lack of info as this in my stereo/audio project!


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