Question amplifier receiver yamaha or denon


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am interested in 2 options i seen

yamaha RN803D
Denon DRA800H

which would be the better system for music? Videos also?

yamaha or denon better?

just to add i have dali speakers


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i have the dali spektor 2 speakers

am not sure if go for yamaha or denon
i dont want harsh sounding equipment

which is suppose to be better?
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I do find that Denon can sound a little harsh upon first using. I have a Denon DCD 2500 NE SACD player. They can tend to be analytical in presentation on first listening as well. However they do mature and somewhat mellow. I'll not comment on speaker partnership as the 2500 is just hooked up to my headphone amp but there is a distinct difference between my two main headphones with one sounding brighter than the other (although there is a big difference in cost and quality). So on that basis speakers could be just as influential. If you can audition trust your ears.


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That will depend on your own ears! I’ve owned Denon (cant remember the model) in the past and now have a Yamaha amp. The Yamaha a s2100 is simply fantastic. It has a much better sound stage, bass response, smoother sound than the Denon as I recall, but in fairness, that could just be my age and poor memory! 😂 No matter, I would always demo before buying any piece of hifi gear and take little notice of review mags, I buy what my ears like!


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Out of the two, the 803 is the winner for me due to the room correction. I was contemplating one myself last year (along with the A-S801), but here in France they retail for €899+, and frankly they're not worth that money.

If used is an option, you can get a better amp.


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i got the denon DRA800H

am noticing something weird upon using it with my computer
i noticed right away playing music videos this denon sound seems to feel slower if you know what i mean?

so the music videos i seen before many times now feel slower upon watching them
the music seems to feel a different slower tempo

it does seem to be in sync with videos on my computer after i had turned the lip sync option off on the denon, but somehow the sound feel slower?

music videos seem ok and other things like movies being in sync

but i notice it more when i put something like strictly come dancing on i dont feel the music in a way i have before

like the denon not in rythm properly to all the dancing to the music as it feels slower different

are denon known for being more slow in its sound somehow so not to good with dancing programs?

just to add i have a soundcard with optical connection i use to connect denon to my computer

i not had this issue before were the music feels a different slower tempo

i never in my life plugged in a new soundbar or audio system and thought this sound seems slower

if it is the denon i not know if there a setting to change how it rolls off the sound somehow
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just to add i have put lip sync back on

i dont understand but this denon timing escpecially for dancing videos seems to off compared to i have listened to before

is the denon a slower sounding amplifier?


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is this dennon DRA800H only for hooking up to a tv with PAL, NTSC?

i ask as it says in the denon manual the following

When a format other than the video format of the connected TV is set, the
picture will not be displayed properly.

what does this mean exactly?

i use it for my computer monitor via optical into a soundcard
so will this mean i will have sync issues or some type of issue?

also am annoyed the setup assistant not work propely as i been listening to my speakers on the wrong ohms setting


also am annoyed the setup assistant not work propely as i been listening to my speakers on the wrong ohms setting
It has a nominal of 8 ohm. Leave it at that.


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Denon sounds brittle in the treble and ill defined. Yamaha with my Dali Ikons is pretty nice and smooth.

Denon you can use as a stove also;)
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