Amplifier problems, very weird.


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i have a 3200watt amplifier running 2 1000watt (450rms) 6*9 and 2 800watt (350rms) door speakers.

i recently changed the power cable from a 6mil thickness to a 10mil thickness.

reason for doing this is i also have a 2000watt sub (1000rms) running by a 1600watt bridgable bass amplifier, when i put the volume about half way it always took the power away from my 6*9 and door speakers cutting out the 3200 watt amplifier.

now that i have changed the power cable to a thicker cable, the 3200watt amplifier is doing something its never done before. once the volume gets to over half way, the sound starts to get quieter and starts to distort a lot and the treble sound is the most earache sound i have ever heard.

i know the amp can give a lot more power than im getting now.

any help or guidance would be much appreciated.


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sounds like you might want to post this on a car audio forum as its quite different from home cinema style stuff. welcome to the forum btw, we are a helpful bunch but maybe try the motoring thread for this type of question!

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