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Hi folks,

Firstly, I would like to say hello from a first time poster :hiya:. I am looking for advice regarding the replacement of my old hi-fi separates that we're written off by my insurance company after an internal sewer flood last August. The insurance company wrote everything off, including all the electrical items, due to the building and it's contents standing for two weeks (we had just left to go on holiday) in a damp humid contaminated environment.

We have only just returned home now that the building works have been completed, and are now going through the process of replacing the lost items. I would like some advice on what would be considered reasonable replacements for the separates that were written off.

Firstly the units that were lost

Technics stereo control amplifier su-c800u
Technics stereo synthesiser st-gt550
Technics stereo power amplifier se800s
Marantz CD player cd273
Wall mounted mission surround sound speakers m3

As you can see this equipment was bought new many years ago and unfortunately I was at work when my prized system was carted out of the house and disposed of.:mad:

We have been offered as replacements the following items


Pro-Ject Amp Box S Stereo Power Amplifier at Audio Affair


To be honest, the pro-ject amp and pre-amp just don't cut it aesthetically for me, and I know nothing about them, maybe they sound great. The tuner appears to be built in to this home cinema package which again I know nothing about. The insurance company are not interested in the value of the items that were written off, only in the spec of the lost items.

I would appreciate it if someone could offer their advice or suggestions regarding my query. The value of the items they are offering as replacements is £997.00 and based on any suggestions folks may have to offer, I will go back to them with these recommendations.

Cheers, and thanks in advance.
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I will try to get back to you with more info. Cd player I would think good deal. They appear to be offering you 2 amps an av reciever and the project, arguably you dont need both and would not have speakers for the project if they were used for surround sound. The project amp is kind of a new take on amps technically and does not have a lot of power but may sound fantastic (some digital amps give amazing bang for buck in terms of quality not quantity.) I have heard some sounded great for money but not heard this one. Similarly you would not need the pre amp if you were using the surround sound system. So they or I may have misunderstood something so may not be that bad a deal but a bit 6 of one half a dozen of other.


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On a very quick Google, this is what they may have been worth:

Technics stereo control amplifier su-c800u & SE-A800S power amp (aka SU-A800D apparently) £525
Technics SU-A800D, SU-C800U Control Amp & SE-A800S Power Amp ~X Display/Warranty | eBay

Technics ST-GT550 Tuner £195

Mission M3 On-Wall £250 (guessing just a stereo pair)
M3 On-Wall Speakers | Axiom Audio

Marantz CD273 £50?

The total is around £1,000 as you say; what you have to keep in mind is that what you had was essentially a CD player, a tuner, a pre-amp, a power amp (roughly 2x 70W) and two speakers. I'm guessing that you want to keep the same functionality, maybe without the tuner - do you still use that?

Off the cuff, I'd recommend something like this:
Harman Kardon HK3490 stereo receiver £350
Marantz CD5004 is actually a decent choice already £160

Speakers are a slightly more difficult choice, I can't find much on the wall-mount Mission M3 other than this... You could go for something like the Wharfedale Diamond 122, Monitor Audio BX2 for around £250 (the rough price of your old speakers). If however you can go to around £500 to make up the £1,000 total, there's a lot more choice.

On-wall speakers are purposefully thin, but sacrifice quality/presence because of that. There is a LOT of choice for speakers between £250 - £500, a lot of it will be down to your ears' preference and whether you can accommodate floors-tanding or stand-mounted or only on-wall speakers.
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Thanks for the recommendations guys. The Harmon Kardon AV processor looks as if it could be very useful. My missus likes listening to the radio so the tuner would be a given.

I should have said that when the house was being put right again after the flooding(the flooring was removed), I took the opportunity to run speaker cabling and phono cable for a powered subwoofer as part of future plans for this room.

My intention is to have a versatile home entertainment system and as such I had planned to buy my own speakers (floor standing units and smaller units on stands in the rear corners).The 5.1 system they are offering wouldn't fit in with my original plans.

I will be getting back in touch with the insurance folk tomorrow and run a few things past them. Hopefully they will issue me with a voucher to the agreed value then I can pick some components that would be more suitable.
Cheers, and thanks for your help.


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OK, in that case you're looking at very different stuff.

If you want floorstanders plus bookshelf satellites, somewhere like Exceptional-AV (just as an example) can do very good bundles; slightly over your budget at £1,349 you can get a Yamaha RX-V673 and Dali Zensor 5/1 speakers, or for £1,199 you can get the same AVR with Q-Acoustics Q2050i/Q2010i which are also great speakers. The RX-V673 is a great receiver, and at least personally I would pick it over the equivalent Onkyo (purely personal preference!); the Zensor range is arguably a better speaker though, so it's your choice. Both of those come with an active sub as well, although it has to be said that you would get a lot more sub for your money if you were to get a BK sub - something like an XXLS200 or 400 is you want bigger.


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Actually slightly different recommendation, if you can still get the RX-A810 it's part of their upper range Aventage receivers; being last year's model it doesn't have 4K pass through nor AirPlay if I remember right, but it should be a better receiver. It's more down to your preferences and budget, so have a look and see what you prefer. If you can go and hear some of the speakers at least that would be ideal, they do sound somewhat different.
Good luck!

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