Amplifier needed?


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Sorry if this is a basic question!
I am doing a garage conversion and want some sound capabilities in there. I have been given two separator speakers and a subwoofer.
The subwoofer has 4 pairs of wires coming out of it. I presume that two of them go in to the separator speakers and the other two are inputs that would come out of an amp?
I don't currently have an amp. If I want to be able to play music from my iPhone through the speakers or from a cd then what do I need to buy?
The speakers are Bose so decent quality but I don't want to be spending lots on an amp if there is a cheap solution.
Any help appreciated


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Give us the exact model of the speakers. Some sub / satellite systems are "active" so have the amps built in.


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Give us the exact Brand and Model of the speakers you have?

So, a Garage Conversions, but converted from what to what? Converted from a garage to .... ???? Workshop? Lounge? Man Cave? Home Theater? ....????



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Yes, you need an amp, they are passive speakers. Bose have no specific recommendations other than 10-100w and suitable for 4-8 Ohm loads. If new, something like a Denon PMA 520AE is good value at the moment. You'll need a dock or a jack to RCA cable to connect to the speakers. You could also pit a wanted on here for a second hand amp too.

Don Dadda

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whats the budget?
The speakers you have been given, have you heard them before?
I agree about secondhand. The classified on here is a good source and for this kind of project, at least for now, something relatively inexpensive to start off with ( unless conversion is purpose built) is the way to go - imo. Then upgrade later if you feel the need.
Being a man cave, are there any future plans for a TV to be connected to it? You may need a amp with an optical input or the TV to have at least a headphone output.
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try contacting your local richersounds as they sell some cheap amps and their local stores always have special offers and open box deals,then their is always second hand adverts on this forum.


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Folks are possibly getting board of me saying this but 2nd hand AudioLab 8000a can be had for less than £200 on fleabay and is an excellent amp for not a lot of money.

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