Amplifier Keeps Dropping Out


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We have a Pioneer 626, Video and NTL going into a Marantz SR6200. The marantz has recently taken to dropping out for a second every now and again.

The front remains lit except the indicator showing the speakers in use goes off.

It appears to happen mostly while watching DVD's and I think it may have happened while watching TV via NTL.

Does anyone have an idea what might be going on.

We first noticed it when the wife was ironing and the dropout occured when she jetted steam from the iron. I thought at that time the heat (infrared) from the steam was being picked up by the remote sensor.


You need to check all of the speaker connections and ensure that no strands of speaker cable connected to positive/negative binding posts are touching eachother at all, both on the amp and on the speakers.

Failing this check the mains (simple I know, but it's hapenned to me before!) to make sure everything there looks well.


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I have checked all of the connections, including reconnecting the speakers again. The mains is also OK.

Has the 626 ever suffered from dropout problems?


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No but I think the Marantz model range that you have did have some problems with dropouts in it's early production. I have the 7200 model and the same thing happens now and then to mine. The problem is I think very disc and play through specific. :(


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Thanks GrahamC I seem to remember something mentioned at the time we got out Amp. We thought ourselves fortunate that it never happened then.

It has only started happening in the last few months and generally appears to be getting worse (gradually). It isn't a problem just makes my heart skip a beat.

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