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Dec 17, 2002
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What you do when you buy an amplifier from the States.

Do you buy a transformer or you change the power supply?

When you make these kind of modifications does the sound suffer?
prob the easiest is to buya transformer from mpalins or some place like that. I would doubt that the sound would suffer as it was set up to run at 110 volts not 240.
Just ensure that the transformer is adequately rated for the power required,and with a margin also.
Actually you probably wont need a transformer if you are ordering a new one - just ask your dealer to order a UK voltage one.

I am not sure what your looking to order but Lex, Rotel and Parasound will gladly supply you a European voltage unit in the States. Bryston as well but they charge a 10% premium.
First of all thank you for all the help.

Actually I am travelling to the states in the coming month and I am thinking to bring a amplifier and proccesor. You know the prices there are much more cheaper then in england and in my country you don`t find all the high end equipment.

I was looking at parasound and arcam. But if I have to bring them from the states I go for the parasound C2/A51. I found a shop that they are selling them for $6000.

Do you think that the parasound will be good working with the B&W802?

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