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Amplifier for around £300, so many to choose from.


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I've got around £250-£300 to spend on an amp, to pair with wharfedale diamond 9.2. One thing i need is for the amp to have a pre amp output so i can connect a sub woofer later in the future, but for now im going to concentrate on the amplifier.

At the moment i have a Cambridge Audio 340A but i find that lacking to be honest. There are so many amps to choose from, i listen to mainly reggae, dub, dance etc. So a bassy amp would be best.

Any suggestions? I'd rather not go for another cambridge audio this time. I did look at a NAD C325BEE, which looked ok, but is there any others out there that look better?


Don Dadda

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Hi Merton

Not many in that range with pre-outs and i hear you on the 'Looks' bit :D.but if you can get past the looks, the C325BEE is a decent amp. So is its bigger brother Nad C352 which you can get 2nd hand on ebay or on here for around the £200 mark.

Found this Denon PMA 700e here or cheaper here both not available online and have to purchase in shop which is ok if you can demo which is highly recommended but a bummer if you can't get there. 1st in Lancashire and 2nd in London.

For a little bit more, Marantz PM7001 here.

I suggested these amps because your music taste is pretty much same as mine and i found that they were the most suitable for this kind of music IMO. There are others that are just as good or better but cost considerably more.:smashin:
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Just before I pass out, yep agree with Don there, although I would recommend skipping the C325, it's a good amp but it lacks the power, therefore the head room of the C352 and what's more, I find the cheaper NAD amps don't hold up as well when you look to buy more expensive speakers in the future, whereas the C352 definitely does. Also the Marantz PM 7001 is a fine amp to


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Hey thanks a lot, i'm really liking the Denon amp, it looks great, spec wise as well. It's great to find someone who has the same ish music taste on here, really helps!

Yea i'll try and find that, i cant really get to london you see or lancashire, i'll try and search the interwebs!

Yea the looks are the only thing that puts me off the NAD amps, they just arnt that pretty.

Do you reckon that the denon would pair well with my Diamond 9.2s? I'm sure they would but i dont want to buy them and find out that they dont.

Cheers guys!


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Hi not sure if the same applies to that particular Denon, but the problem with the Denon 1500, is the treble always seemed a bit too much, i.e. it seemed to emphasise the treble too much, creating a harshness to the sound. However because of that, it's probably better if you can listen to it somewhere first.


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Hi, Never heard a Denon Stereo Amp, but that does look like a lot of amp for the money. At 50w should be plenty to drive your 9.2's just fine. That was a £300+ amp 2/3 years ago.

Given Leed's comment re. treble probably worth a demo if possible but this is sometimes difficult for various reasons. I wouldn't advise buying blind although have broken that Golden Rule on a couple of occasions and luckily turned out OK.:rolleyes:

Of the other amps mentioned I have previously owned a Marantz - I think PM 4002 which put out only 30w a channel but to me sounded a fair bit more powerful so would have no qualms supporting the Marantz above. It is also more powerful at 70w.

However, £140 difference is not insignificant so it's a tough call and we all know Denon is a solid very well respected brand.

Not sure if I have made your choice any easier but hope the thoughts help somewhat.

All the best.

Don Dadda

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Just before I pass out, yep agree with Don there

!!THUMP!!:zonked: just recovering from the shock!:D

Found the Denon here for muc cheaper!

DENON PMA700AE AMPLIFIER at hifix.co.uk

Now that is a bargain. Much cheaper. Even tho they will slap on an extra few quid if in black, it will still be cheaper.

'lacks the power'
'don't hold up as well when you look to buy more expensive speakers in the future'

Yep, I hear you on that. And at some point the op WILL want to upgrade his speakers to something that handle and produce a bit more 'weight' ie floorstanders or larger bookshelfs. The 352 or 7001 will drive those upgrades with some aplomb saving you money by not having to upgrade the amp as well.
More doesn't always mean better but in this case it does. The 325 and the 700e are decent amps but seeing that the 352 and 7001 are in and around your budget, I would look at those. You will not be disappointed. :thumbsup:

I myself have a Marantz PM7001 ki which, IMO, is a gem of an amp. 70w of pure bliss. The Nad 352 is of similar quality too. I've demoed both these amps side by side with the music you mentioned and there's not much in it.

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