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Hi, is it safe to put sound through an AV receiver/amp ans then into the TV's L/R audio in. I wanted to use the TV's speakers as front surround speakers but I am worried the amped signal might damage the TV speakers if its to strong? is this right or just nonsense!



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i reckon they'd blow...

i think you have to use a front speaker, unless your av reciever has a low level out you can use to the TV.


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Just send line level from your amp to the TV. That'll be ok, use the tape output as they're fixed.


as you have some sort of amp., you must have some speakers? a tv will literely blow if you try and pump to much power through the tinny speakers all tv,s have.


yeah I got a big floorstanding set but the new TV is in my room and theres not enough room really for them, maybe Ill just get some small ones to be safe. Thanks for quick responses. :thumbsup:


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You can't connect speaker outputs from your amp as this would damage the tv. these inputs are designed for a portable dvd etc.

You need line level outputs that vary with the volume control - These are usually called pre-out but are only usually found on more expenive equipment.

All in all not a good idea because the front speakers carry most of the volume and you will be limited by the speakers in your tv. So a very poor surround sound and a waste of your amp.

Buy some speakers!!

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